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You may not be an expert on all the moving parts of appliances in your home, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t easily perform maintenance on your fridge, dishwasher, washing machine dryer and other expensive necessities in your home. Your professional Tucson area movers here know that people like to save money on relocation services, so saving money on appliances is probably very popular as well. And what better way to save money on large appliances than to extend their lifetime? There are a lot of great tricks for keeping all large appliances in top working condition, and your mover in Tucson here would like to share these tips with you.

Your Tucson professional movers here are dedicated to customers’ satisfaction. When we schedule your move, our goal is to make a customer for life! You can count on a flawless transition to your new home because that is what keeps customers coming back each time they need professional relocation services in Tucson. Talk about a win-win situation! The Following is a rave review from one of our many satisfied customers.

I just used All My Sons upon the recommendation of my new apartment complex manager (I was moving a short distance from one complex to another). I can’t comment as to pricing, as I didn’t do any comparison shopping, although I think the cost of my move was reasonable. I was impressed with the service, however. The company, and the moving team kept me well-informed as to the time of their arrival, and they arrived when they said they would. The two men on the team were very friendly, helpful and obviously knew what they were doing. They were quick and efficient, yet handled all of my furniture with the utmost care. Nothing was damaged. They completed the move well within the time frame I was expecting, and didn’t leave until they knew I was satisfied. I would definitely recommend this company for their excellent service.

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Have you ever considered living on your own private island? Plenty of us have, it’s quite an enchanting thought. Well, two art enthusiasts who purchased their own island off of craigslist of all places have begun compiling a strategy for transforming the island. Currently “Rabbit Island” is not ready for people to start moving in, but when it is your Tucson mover here can’t wait to see how it turns out. The island is located in Lake Superior. Rob and Andrew, the proud owners of the island, are currently seeking investors in Rabbit Island’s transformation; among other things they are seeking power tools, building material, and a boat to move the necessary supplies to the island to get started.

Packing boxes for your move may be a bit time consuming, but isn’t very difficult at all if you really think about it. Moving boxes are great because cardboard is such an easy material to work with as it is easy to modify if needed, is inexpensive, and also disposable. Packing an awkwardly shaped item that you need to pack that won’t fit into a box? No problem, it is easy to use packing tape and spare cardboard from other boxes to make a custom box that will fit your needs. Boxes containing particularly heavy items such as books or dishes are very easy to reinforce just by adding a layer or two of cardboard to the bottom of the box. Your Tucson mover here has even heard of people cutting handles into the sides of moving boxes to make for an easier carry between the truck and home. You can even label each box to ensure proper placement of each package of goods in your new home. Moving boxes: they make moving simple!

Your Tucson movers know that there are countless reasons why people relocate to new homes; new jobs, school, starting over, and more are all very common reasons why our shippers move. Another common scenario for hiring relocation specialists is significant others moving in together, taking that big step into the unknown together. Moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a big step indeed, and one that should be fully contemplated before being put into actual action! As a family operated moving company, a truly happy couple sharing the same roof together is a beautiful picture that we support whole-heartedly. However; when couples move in together prematurely, things can and often do get ugly, and while your Tucson movers do want your business, getting the call to undo a move between partners turned mortal enemies is one of the last jobs we want to perform. Before embarking on the next chapter together, be sure your story has a happy ending!

If you have to move a particularly small load, you may consider a DIY move over hiring professional Tucson movers for the job. To make sure that you’re saving as much money as possible, your mover in Tucson here has a few tips to keep in mind when doing a small move on your own.

  • If you don’t have access to a truck, renting a UHaul may be your only option for transporting your load. If you are going to go the rental route, pick your moving truck up from a rental location that is closer to the pick-up location. As you will be responsible for filling up the trucks gas tank at the end of the day, the less distance travelled, the less money you’ll spend on fuel. Pick up near point A and drop off near point B.
  • If you’ll be recruiting friends or family to help with your minor moving job, make it at least somewhat worth their while so that you are sure to have happy campers on board. Ordering a pizza for everybody to enjoy is one of many great gestures to ensure that your pro bono moving helpers remain enthusiastic.
  • Make a checklist so that you have a clear understanding of everything that you need to accomplish on your moving day, and how you’re going to go about achieving it. Your minimal move may be simple, but there are still things that you may overlook, which can really put a damper on the day!
  • Get a good night’s rest the night before your move, and eat a good breakfast when you wake up. You really need your energy and concentration no matter how simple your move is, so don’t deprive yourself of proper rest and breakfast!

Keep in mind that your movers in Tucson here are always happy to provide moving services no matter how small your job is. In many cases, going the DIY route saves you money on smaller moves. However; you may be surprised how simple and affordable your needs can be met through the professional moving assistance offered by your Tucson relocation experts!

Looking for a job? Well today is the day that you may want to check out McDonald’s if you are seeking employment. It is National Hiring Day at McDonald’s today and the company is looking to hire over 50,000 new employees nation wide. With an ever-growing business and the need to satisfy more customers than ever McDonald’s is wise to seek new recruits. McDonald’s isn’t the only nation wide company looking for new talented additions to the team. Your Tucson movers are always looking for new employees, especially right now for the upcoming busy moving summer season. Opportunities for management, sales, and of course movers are available. Sound like the job for you?

Highway driving takes up a large percentage of our time, especially your local Tucson movers. Last year, the number of miles driven by Americans increased by over 20 billion, which is actually less than a 1% increase. And though an increase of miles-driven was reported for 2010, it is worth mentioning that the number of highway deaths for last year actually fell to the lowest percentage since 1949! This is good news that is great to read! Especially if you have moved long distance to Arizona with your relocation specialists here, it is good to know that your careful movers in Tucson aren’t the only safe drivers on the road!

March Madness has come at last! Glued to your television set, you may easily forget one important item on your to-do list: Hire Tucson movers! If you’re moving later in the summer, this task is especially important and incredibly time-sensitive as well! March may be the most momentous time for the NCAA basketball season, but your Tucson area movers are getting ready for the month of May when business really starts to pick up and stays booming well into August. No matter what, if you are moving this summer, we are ready for you! However; your relocation specialists want you to have the best moving experience possible, and saving you money is a huge contributing factor here! Don’t procrastinate! If you hire your movers NOW for your summer move, you avoid the spike in moving costs which inevitably happen every year when our schedules become jam-packed to capacity. Not only will you save money by scheduling your move now, you’ll be able to enjoy March Madness more without the stress of your moving needs taking up space in the back of your mind. Simple. Hire movers, enjoy March Madness, and avoid summer moving mayhem!

The All My Sons jingle contest is coming to a close. We’ve had tons of fun listening to all the wonderful jingles that have come through! There is still one more day to finish up your moving jingle if you’re not quite done. One day may even be enough time for you to write record and finalize a jingle if this is the first you have heard of the contest. Need a little inspiration? Check out this jingle that is in the running! Think you can do better?