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Tribute to the Almighty Moving Box

Packing boxes for your move may be a bit time consuming, but isn’t very difficult at all if you really think about it. Moving boxes are great because cardboard is such an easy material to work with as it is easy to modify if needed, is inexpensive, and also disposable. Packing an awkwardly shaped item that you need to pack that won’t fit into a box? No problem, it is easy to use packing tape and spare cardboard from other boxes to make a custom box that will fit your needs. Boxes containing particularly heavy items such as books or dishes are very easy to reinforce just by adding a layer or two of cardboard to the bottom of the box. Your Tucson mover here has even heard of people cutting handles into the sides of moving boxes to make for an easier carry between the truck and home. You can even label each box to ensure proper placement of each package of goods in your new home. Moving boxes: they make moving simple!

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