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Gems from Arizona’s Morenci area

Eons Expos, a local company specializing in gem and mineral shows, is planning to build a 150k sq. ft., three story building to house further expos. The building will house a number of business condos for sellers.

As the top gem and mineral producing state, we in “The Copper State” benefit from a wealth of local variety to own. In addition to gems and minerals containing copper like turquoise, azurite, and malachite, we also have a wealth of petrified wood, peridot, and many others.

The Arizona gem and mineral industry may be quite large, but the development being built is completely unique. There will be space for five hundred dealers below the third floor’s high-end annex of the 22nd Street Mineral & Fossil Show. They hope to sell each “business condo” for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars each. Your local Tucson movers hope that this family owned business continues to prosper.

A shallow 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck along the border of Arizona and New Mexico at 10:02 pm. The epicenter of the quake was just south of Duncan, AZ, and 30 miles North West of Lordsburg, NM.

Though the earthquake may seem uncommon for the area, it is actually expected to happen every once and a while. The quake was caused by rock spreading in the North American tectonic plate, and with this gradual rock spreading, earthquakes are typical.

Thankfully, the epicenter of the quake was far from any densely populated area, so the only thing people ended up getting was a fun story to tell about their first earthquake experience. As of right now, no damage or injury has been reported as a result of the earthquake.

The tremors however had a very wide reach. People stretching from Phoenix to El Paso reported to have felt tremors and shakes in the earth. Both cities are 175 miles away from the epicenter. Tucson was also not immune from the tremors. News and police stations were flooded with calls from people all through out the Tucson area who were reporting that they had felt an earthquake.

Our Tuscon Area Moving Company had many employees, as well as their friends and families, feel the tremors throughout the area. We hope that everyone stayed safe and aware during the events and are grateful to hear than no Tucson area residents were affected by the unexpected tremor.

Source: http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/story/25897084/52-magnitude-earthquake-felt-across-southern-arizona




Your Tucson movers recently moved office equipment for the San Xavier HealthCenter at the local Indian reservation. Our professional Tucson movers really impressed the San Xavier Health Center staff; in fact, they can’t wait to recommend us to all of their friends and family who may require moving services in the future. Our Tucson relocation specialists worked quickly and strategically -as a team- to provide careful-yet-rapid service for the San Xavier Health Center in their time of relocation need. Office moves are among the many specific relocation services that your professional movers in Tucson here offer. You can count on our men to leave you with the same fantastic impression of our services and staff as the folks down at the San Xavier Health Center grew to appreciate while we moved their goods!

Your Tucson movers were pleased to find out that Tucson has the best public schools in the country. Earlier this year, Tucson school BASIS Tucson was named the most challenging school in the U.S. and has been ranked in the top 20 for the past few years. The BASIS school system was created to when Michael and Olga block realized that the curriculum of the public schools were not adequately preparing American students for college especially compared to Foreign students. There are eight BASIS schools in the state of Arizona and are all high achieving schools for students in grades 5-12. Students are required to take a multitude of AP courses. Many of the teachers have advanced degrees which just enhances the learning process. There is no tuition for BASIS schools so spots fill quickly. You Tucson moving professionals know how important finding the right school is for your children when relocating and hope you are put at ease by the top schools here in Tucson.

Your Tucson area movers are among many jealous Arizonans still grieving after news of Glendale’s undeniably luckiest man and his six winning lottery tickets hit the headlines. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous (smart thinking!) purchased SIX winning lottery tickets from the same QuikTrip gas station. Your Tucson relocation specialists think that news of a six-winning-ticket man is enough to paint the state green with envy, To make the millionaire even more enviable, the tickets won the Glendale mystery man a million dollars each! You may not have woken up six million dollars richer today, but you can still dream! There have been roughly one hundred new millionaires nationwide since January of this year; you may be the next luckiest man in Arizona for all you know! But not if your Tucson mover here has anything to say about it!

Raising a family is a serious responsibility, and ensuring that your children grow up in the best neighborhood possibly is paramount! Your Tucson area movers here provide relocation services all throughout the metro area and, among the many towns that we frequent, Vail stands out as one of the absolute best suburbs to live for families. Energetic kids in Vail enjoy the many parks and recreation venues that grace Vail Arizona’s landscapes, and the same children consistently score more than twenty percent higher on school aptitude tests than the state’s average student does. Parents who are focused on the utmost well being of their children are one of several factors explaining the brisk population expansion Vail has seen within the last decade, and to your Tucson movers that makes perfect sense!

Your Arizona movers in Tucson here are happy to report the arrival of the state’s centennial commemorative license plates! You can rep your state now by going online to purchase your new commemorative Arizona license plate from the department of transportation or from one of many third-party merchants. Drivers have the option of purchasing both personalized and non-personalized centennial plates. As long as your personalized license plate number is approved by ADOT and is no more than seven characters, you may customize your plate to your heart’s desire! Your Tucson relocation service providers here call dibs on the ‘PRO MOVR’ personalized license plate!

Your Tucson movers relocate people to the local area for many reasons. People move for work, for affordability, and even to be closer to family. One of the biggest reasons to move, though, is for better schooling. Parents of gifted students often target Tucson for their move because the schools are highly regarded here. BASIS is one such school that is extremely reputable among parents. The thirteen-year-old charter school teaches grades five through twelve and offers students accelerated curriculum. Students enroll in at least eight advanced-placement classes and can graduate after completing the eleventh grade. However; most BASIS students attend during their senior year to have the opportunity to complete important biology and chemistry projects. If BASIS taught a course in professional moving techniques, your Tucson relocation experts here just might make up the faculty there!

When your Tucson movers say, “There’s no job too big or too small,” they mean it! But just because your professional movers are capable of moving anything and everything doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be prepared if say a shipper needs arcade games, vending machines, or any other type of extremely heavy items moved same-day on a weekend. When hiring professional movers in Tucson to tackle a monstrous job, it is best to give the moving company advanced notice so that your needs can be met and in a timely fashion. Reputable moving companies can have very heavy work loads, and with short notice it can be difficult –even impossible– to assemble a capable team of movers along with the proper equipment to meet the needs of a particularly demanding moving job. So if you come across the need to move extremely heavy items, DO call on your professional Tucson movers here. But DON’T wait until it’s too late to schedule your movers for the day on which you need the job done. This goes for any moving company in Tucson!

People with smart phones know that apps can be extremely helpful. With countless apps out which can assist you with countless everyday tasks there is no wondering why people these days can’t leave home without their smart phones. Professional movers in Tucson are among the many that use smart phone apps advantageously on a daily basis. There are many functions that our smart phones have which help your movers locate hard-to-find addresses, and even engage with customers through facebook and twitter while on the go. During your Tucson residential move, there are plenty of smart phone apps which can be put to good use by making your moving experience easier and more enjoyable! Here are a handful of apps which your Tucson moving professional here thinks will come in handy!