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Staying Connected

Moving in general is a very stressful situation to sometimes be in. Especially when we forget small details pertaining to this move such as, dealing with utility companies. Here at your local Tucson Mover, local Tucson mover we want to ensure that this move is a stress free move as possible. After all who want to move across town and deal with the switching utility companies after you’ve already moved in?

If you’re transferring your utilites from one location and resuming them in a nother , there are a few simple rules to follow. Gas, electric, phone, and cable services each have their own leadtime for disconnect/connect notification, a rule of thumb here is to contact customer service department at least a few weaks prior to the move.

Final Reading

Have the utility company do a final reading of your gas, electric and water meters. Make sure that your recieve a written copy of your bill

Forward the new address

Making sure that the utility company has your new address is very imperative when making this move. If your not able to recieve these invoices you may be suprised with late fees and/or unfortunate credit circumstances.

Pay the piper

Make sure that you pay any overdue bills and collect and of those deposits your utility companies may have required for instillation. Many people forget over a period of time the amount change they have in these deposits that they are entitled to.

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