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College moving tips

This year moving to college should be an exciting one. The first time away from home and into your own domain, make sure that this move is done with ease and pack all the right materials for this move. Here at your local Tucson Movers we believe in making this move smoothe and stress free, so below I’ve jotted down some moving tips for your college move coming up.

  • When packing this year dont let your emotions get in the way of this move. Take a few personal items but keep in mind that alot these items might be misplaced throughout the school year and besides that, if your sharing your dorm this year keep in mind that your roommate might not want to look at your entire collection of Beenie babies you’ve collected through the years.
  • When moving jewlry go ahead and use translucent tubs (such as clear tackle boxes) these are great for storing those small miscellaneous items throughout this year that might get lost.
  • Stretch your budget and save gas by purchasing your home decor from your local thrift store. Besides going green it will make it alot easier on your back and your tank on the drive there.
  • Pack a clearly marked box ” Survival Kit” in there keep toothbrush, soap, pajamas. All these things you might need after realizing that your too tired to rummage through all those boxes after arriving.

Hopefully some of these tips can help you out during your college move this year and make things a little stress free for you during the process.

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