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Arizona Gains Another Millionaire

Your Tucson area movers are among many jealous Arizonans still grieving after news of Glendale’s undeniably luckiest man and his six winning lottery tickets hit the headlines. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous (smart thinking!) purchased SIX winning lottery tickets from the same QuikTrip gas station. Your Tucson relocation specialists think that news of a six-winning-ticket man is enough to paint the state green with envy, To make the millionaire even more enviable, the tickets won the Glendale mystery man a million dollars each! You may not have woken up six million dollars richer today, but you can still dream! There have been roughly one hundred new millionaires nationwide since January of this year; you may be the next luckiest man in Arizona for all you know! But not if your Tucson mover here has anything to say about it!

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