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A Stroke of Luck

photo: umberto salvagninYour neighborhood Tucson mover here has been thinking a lot about luck today. I wonder if luck is a force to be reckoned with, or if luck is just a coincidental element of our imagination. Professional movers are logical thinkers, so fact always wins over fantasy for explaining fortunate or unfortunate outcomes. However; I’ve had several experiences even as an adult which make it hard for me to fully discount luck as an active force in the world.

One of my most memorable run-in’s with luck started off as a joke. I walked underneath a ladder one day to get laughs and or gasps out of my movers; a mission which I accomplished, but at an apparent cost. The next morning I woke up choking on feathers which appeared to have burst from my down comforter. Then as I was exiting my house, my coffee mug broke free from my grasp and crashed to the ground showering hot java and shards of mug debris on the pavement and my pants. The mess was cleaned and pants were changed as fresh coffee brewed again, and your now-running-late Tucson mover quickly jetted out the door for the second time. The chaotic misfortune continued as I discovered a flat tire waiting for me in my driveway. Eventually, after bolting on my car’s spare tire, I was back on track and on the move again.

Luck is a tricky concept, misdiagnosed as it may be in most cases; most people can’t fully disregard luck as a true factor in life. Putting too much stock in your so-called luck can be viciously detrimental to your well being. As I stated already; professional movers are logical thinkers. Unprofessional moving companies provide relocation services too, and from time to time these rogue movers get “lucky” and provide a service with which their shipper is pleased. Everybody who is tasked with hiring professional Tucson movers is subject to temptation when it comes to less professional moving companies. Temptation to hire moving companies like these is there because of dirt cheap hourly rates. Try your luck with a Tucson mover who bates you with a low hourly rate and your luck will likely travel south during your move. You’re getting a crew of unmotivated unprofessional movers from a moving company with no training program and no concern for the well being of you or your property. Not only are the “cheaper” movers lacking in skill, these moving companies hire complete strangers at times; you could be moved by a crew of convicted felons just because you were feeling lucky! Though it may be a legitimate force in the world, luck should never be taken seriously when it comes to making serious decisions such as hiring pro movers in Tucson. To anybody moving locally in Tucson, or moving long distance, I wish you good luck on your move. Luck which you won’t even need if you do the right thing and hire professional movers from a reputable Tucson moving company!

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