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5.2 Mag Earthquake Shakes the Ground All the Way to Tucson

A shallow 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck along the border of Arizona and New Mexico at 10:02 pm. The epicenter of the quake was just south of Duncan, AZ, and 30 miles North West of Lordsburg, NM.

Though the earthquake may seem uncommon for the area, it is actually expected to happen every once and a while. The quake was caused by rock spreading in the North American tectonic plate, and with this gradual rock spreading, earthquakes are typical.

Thankfully, the epicenter of the quake was far from any densely populated area, so the only thing people ended up getting was a fun story to tell about their first earthquake experience. As of right now, no damage or injury has been reported as a result of the earthquake.

The tremors however had a very wide reach. People stretching from Phoenix to El Paso reported to have felt tremors and shakes in the earth. Both cities are 175 miles away from the epicenter. Tucson was also not immune from the tremors. News and police stations were flooded with calls from people all through out the Tucson area who were reporting that they had felt an earthquake.

Our Tuscon Area Moving Company had many employees, as well as their friends and families, feel the tremors throughout the area. We hope that everyone stayed safe and aware during the events and are grateful to hear than no Tucson area residents were affected by the unexpected tremor.

Source: http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/story/25897084/52-magnitude-earthquake-felt-across-southern-arizona




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